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Unique Ukrainian Handcrafted Necklaces

Ladies can not deny their love for jewelry. The aesthetics of these adornments certainly double their beauty. It is not always about the price but the elegance it holds. In this case, the mention must be made of Ukrainian necklaces- a true piece of art! It is one of those necklaces that come with intricate work of bids. These handmade necklaces have their peculiar charm. It adds a traditional vibe to any attire and one looks extremely beautiful and unique when they embrace it.

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Urban of Ukrainian Necklaces As Per The Culture!

Historically, these handmade necklaces are believed to serve as a safeguard against evil persons and spirits.

Red corals were considered magical because, according to legend, the brilliant, sparkling beads meant she was healthy, and dull or gray coral beads meant she was sick.

When it comes to beading Ukrainian necklaces, the classic emblem was a geometric rhomb, a triangle with horns at the corners, and zigzags - infinity symbols.

Amber necklaces were also popular, as amber was supposed to beautify the complexion and promote health.

Common Types Of Beads Used For Handmade Ukrainian Necklaces

"Gerdan" is a bead necklace in the shape of a large loop, with the edges joined and secured with a medallion. Initially, gerdan was only worn by men, but women began to wear it as well.

"Pletinky" is a beaded necklace worn around the neck. The name stems from the "sylyannya" process of thread-removing beads.

"Kryzy" were broad circular beaded collars that encompassed a woman's neck, shoulders, and chest.

"Zgarda" is a necklace made up of 2-4 threads connected with metal crosses. Two big discs ("chepragy") are used to secure the bead to the neck.

The most sought-after glass accessories are "Pazyorky." Because hand-made beads were carried from Venice, such ornaments were extremely costly.

"Dukach" is a coin-shaped metal breastpiece embellished with stone or glass beads. On the obverse side of the coin, various battle scenes were shown.

"Salba" is a linen bib with coins sewn on it, such as Turkish or Tatar accessories. They were well-liked in Bukovina.

Ukrainian necklaces are purely aesthetic

Ukrainian ladies have always been sophisticated, and as a result, they have always followed the trend and valued jewelry. Going out without handmade Ukrainian necklaces was thought to be the same as going out naked. The shape, color, and materials of the necklace changed over time and in fashion. Seeds, grains, and even bivalve mollusks were used as the first neck jewelry, and later metal, stone, and glass necklaces took their place. 

With the evolution of the jewelry-wearing tradition, natural materials such as amber, glass, semi-precious stones, and pearls began to be used. Nowadays, not only Ukrainian ladies, but people with great taste in fashion and accessories, also prefer to get these Ukrainian necklaces in their collection! If you are also one of them, you can easily buy them online! At Lora's Treasures, you can find a plethora of these with an amazing collection.